Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sketchbook Adventure

Let's follow another of my exciting failures to draw well.

Yeah, so eye shape didn't go all that well.

This is slightly closer to something usable combined with an idea for facial shape.

It's interesting if you look at where you would place the profile in relation to the lips, but otherwise I think I went off the rails here.

Clearly this isn't very good, but there's something to it. Inking it would probably push it over the edge. Best leave it alone.

No clue what I was thinking.

Which somehow got me here. I may well develop this one further.

There you go then, my sketchbook is a hit or miss affair at best.

1 comment:

grthink said...

If it were me I'd have been happiest with the face in sketch 3 and the one in sketch 5. I actually really like sketch 5.

What I've learnt from sketching is that you may as well push it over the edge -- it'll either fal in 'awesome' or 'awful', but what difference does it make, since it's only a sketch. I think you should ink the shit out of all of these and see what happens.