Sunday, 3 October 2010

What I did in Minecraft

Just above the bridge you can see the little shack I started with, it's made out of dirt but still has windows and a door with roof access, It's now abandoned but still good for hiding from creeps, just bring your own lights.
On the left is my second home, a four level stone castle with double front doors, roof garden (tree), workshop, windows throughout and full indoor lighting.
The bridge has a glass floor every other step which is what makes that pattern in it's shadow, it also makes sure zombies can't use the shadow to escape from the sunlight. It is also fully illuminted to prevent enemies spawning into my safe house.

On the left here you can see my third building, A five level stone circular tower with a fill glass dome roof connected to the main castle. This is a must for finding haven when I'm mining on the big main island. You can see on the far right that the castle bridge also goes off in the other direction to a new land I have yet to visit.

And here's a small forest fire I started. I placed some kindling on the leaves and struck it with a flint from a distance, then I watched it burn and spread. In other, sadder news it did kill a pig.

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