Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The game of the kill spell.

AKA You're a filthy cheat and I hate you.

You're looking at a sub-set of cards here that have been the bane of gamers since someone thought them up as a cheap solution to a problem they couldn't be bothered to fix. Raigeki, Wrath of God, Terror and the like do just one thing, kill your opponent's monster. But more than that, they make all the effort of playing cards a complete waste of time, they are an inexpensive way of demoralising the person you're trying to have fun with and make them not want to play with you again. Do these cards work? Yes. Do the tournament players use them? Yes. Should you feel good about yourself when YOU use them? No, and you know why. These cards are all about the win at the expense of the fun, you remember, the reason you're playing to begin with.

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