Friday, 13 November 2009

Warning, contains outrage.

Hello all.
An odd thing has been happening on wednesday evenings, there are a couple of college duchebags sitting on the train playing their fucking accoustic guitars like anyone around them wants to listen to their piss poor 6th form compositions. Do they think they're doing everyone a great big favour by enhancing their trip home with "music"? No, no-one wants to hear your plinky sounds so save it for the common room why don't you. It's like those people who sit in Starbucks writing their screenplay on a laptop, because heaven forbid you should write without someone watching you. Oh look, that person is SOOOO creative and not an attention seeking hosebag.

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grthink said...

I read Don Quixote in a Starbucks once, and was worried that people might think I was reading such a fancy-pants book in public on purpose, so ended up hidinig it by slouching over it. It looked more like I was protecting an exam paper from cheaters than reading a book.

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