Thursday, 15 October 2009


Hello all.
So no graphics today, I'm working on something kinda complex so I thought it was time for my first all text post. I guess it must be winter now then, I spent five minutes this morning looking for my cold weather hat, a hat that says "snoogans". So yeah, I'm a big dork.

Yesterday, to my great surprise I got a couple of games in the mail so here's my initial impressions after a couple of hours gameplay.

Uncharted 2 looks great and the controls are fine but just like the last one I'm not a fan of the gunplay, I sware most of the time guys can take five shots to the skull before going down and then there's the shooting gallery sections where the game spawns fifty guys and throws them at you. I can do without that sort of thing. The character voiced by Claudia Black has wierdly rendered eyes too.

Brütal legend is a game I've been psyched for since before the teaser came out however many years ago that was. The intro was a great surprise that I won't spoil for you, maybe it's because I'm playing on brütal difficulty but I can't help thinking that the combat isn't all that good, especially because you'll usually be swarmed all on your own with no way to counter or dodge effectively. The deuce handles like crap, the warthogs in Halo handle better than this thing. I would have liked a commentary track for this game too, if only to explain things better that the tutorial. It loads so fast I can't finish reading the tips on the loading screens. Otherwise great music and graphics and I laughed several times. Ozzy can act really well but Lemmy can't, who knew?

"We'll call it Ironhead in honor of you guys, only we'll put an "e" on the end so people know we're not messing around."

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