Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Brütal review.

Brütal Legend is a game I've been psyched for for a long time, way before the first teaser trailer came out. It's such a good idea and in a lot of ways it's the best game I've played so far this year, and I'm including the strangely dissapointing Ghostbusters game, but I can't really recomment that anyone buys this game unless they've already played the full version rather than the demo.
The game world is excellently realised and as everyone in the world will say the soundtrack is outstanding but there's just something about the game that doesn't sit right with me. I finished the whole thing on brütal difficulty and maybe that's what's throwing me off, but the combat doesn't feel quite right. Your army of followers are amazingly stupid in critical situations and the RTS style battles are either walkovers or uphill struggles to the fail screen. Perhaps that's a little harsh, it's probably better to say that if the RTS battles weren't mission critical, that is to say if you didn't HAVE to do them, then this would be a much better game.
More than once I got stuck in the landscape and the game froze on me but you expect that from most games from time to time. The last part of the story was great and the ending wasn't all that short, but still didn't tie enough things up, I assume they're leaving that for the sequal that'll never happen. If there's another one here's what it'll need, more missions, no RTS, better combat, more upgrades and access to the wings at all times.
I finished the game before I worked out how to free the bound serpents and legends, they never once told me how to do it. That's a big no no, just show me once at the start and let me get on with it.
There's one more PS3 specific gripe, this game has trophies specific to online play, which never stops bugging me. I don't play online so I can't get them and therefore never achieve 100% for it. If you're going to do that have an online trophies section for the people willing to go through all that extra work would you?
In the end this is a game that took what seemed like forever but still feels rushed somehow. Now if you'll excuse me I have bound dragons to free.

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